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Our Work Gallery

Before & After

All Before and After images have been taken at Plympton Dental and are of work completed at Plympton Dental. Permission has been obtained for the use of all images.

full mouth rehab zirconia

Full Oral Rehabilitation: Aged and worn dentition with several broken and missing teeth. All teeth were decreasing in height each year and becoming yellower in colour. It was decided to rebuild all teeth in zironica (one of the strongest and aesthetically pleasing dental materials) to improve shape and colour and overall aesthetics. These crowns will not change colour or deteriorate for many years (10+) and all have a 7 year lab warranty for any breakages or fractures. Total cost: Approx $20,000. 

Anterior 6 unit bridge

Anterior Dental Bridge: Replacing 2 missing anterior teeth and mismatched front crowns to correct both the colour and shapes of teeth. A long porcelain fused to metal bridge was made in 2 weeks and cemented on existing teeth. This is a long-lasting fixed solution and is far superior in comfort than dentures and does not require surgery and long healing times like dental implants. Total cost: Approx $8000.

full mouth rehab

Full Mouth Rehabilitation: Very worn teeth and a very deep overbite with numerous old plastic fillings done 5-10 years ago. Main concern was strength and colour of teeth. Full mouth rehabilitation was planned to increase occlusal height and decrease the deep overbite with gold onlays on all back teeth while crowning all anterior teeth for aesthetics and longevity (10+ years). This is the ultimate treatment option for complex cases like this and is the gold standard for strength and aesthetics however it is also the most costly and time consuming. Total cost of approximately $20,000.

maxillary rehabilitation

Maxillary Rehabilitation: Restoring aesthetics and occlusion for the entire upper dental arch by a combination of dental implants, porcelain crowns and porcelain fillings. Teeth like these will require a complete make-over due to severe wear and multiple existing missing teeth. Total cost $15000-16000

Zirconia bridge anterior

Anterior Zirconia Bridge: Restoring aesthetics and replacing a missing central incisor (previously replaced by a partial denture) has made a huge difference to the overall smile and function of this person. The bite was corrected at the same time and like all our zirconia work comes with a 7 year lab guarantee for breakage and fractures. Total cost approx. $5000

2-2 CR veneers

Anterior Composite Resin Veneers: Four chipped and broken front teeth needed to be fixed on a reasonable budget. Options included porcelain or composite resin (plastic) restorations. Composite resin was chosen to save cost while still providing good aesthetics and reasonable strength. Total cost $1000-1100


Conservative Polishing: Stained old plastic fillings in top front teeth bothered the patient as they discoloured her teeth. Fillings were still good clinically, just stained from daily consumption of tea/coffee. Polished all upper front fillings in-chair without replacing them. Patient was very happy with the result. Simple and very inexpensive. Total cost <$100

front filling

Composite resin (plastic) filling: Patient presented with discoloured front tooth with an old leaking plastic filling. The old filling was removed and a new plastic filling was placed using layers of different coloured resins. Tooth was polished and contoured to match the adjacent teeth. Total cost $250-300

composite veneer

Composite Veneer: A congenital peg-shaped lateral incisor on the top right hand side was built up in plastic filling material to increase the width of the tooth and to match the upper lateral incisor on the opposite side. Total cost $200-250

 diastemma CR

Diastema Closing (Resin Fillings): Large central diastema (gap) was closed with plastic fillings done in-chair for better aesthetics and removing lisps in speech. Total cost = $450-500

anterior buildups

Anterior Composite Buildups: Heavily worn and chipped upper anterior teeth became a cosmetic concern for the patient. In order to save money it was decided not to crown these teeth but to have composite resin buildups for each tooth instead. The consmetic result was very good despite it not being as strong as porcelain. Total cost $500-600

anterior composite buildups

Anterior Composite Buildups: Worn and chipped 4 upper anterior teeth causing cosmetic concern for the patient. Decided to have teeth filled and shaped with composite (plastic) fillings for aesthetics, similar to the case above. Total cost $1000-1100

amalgam replacement

Amalgam Replacement: Tooth with a large amalgam filling with multiple small cracks around the edges of the filling was replaced by a white composite resin filling. The cracks around the old amalgam were assessed and widened and filled with resin to prevent fractures in the future. Not only is the tooth stronger and less likely to break, it also looks better! Total cost $200-250


Restorative Dentistry: Direct plastic crown placed in-chair to replace broken tooth. Simple and cost-effective way to restore teeth when porcelain and metal crowns are out of the budget. Total cost $250-300


Dental Bridge: Zirconia bridge (made from the same material as man-made diamonds) used to replace 2 missing teeth in the upper left side. The material is very white in colour and very strong making them very durable and aesthetically pleasing. Total cost $4500


Laboratory-made Plastic Fillings: Plastic fillings made by a dental technician and bonded onto existing teeth to close the gap between upper central incisors. Very aesthetic and conservative approach. Useful cost-effective alternative to porcelain fillings. Total cost $550-600


Porcelain Veneers: 4 porcelain veneers were placed to make the teeth slightly lighter in colour while correcting the positioning of the central incisors. The incisors were not even and gave the impression of a "buck" tooth due to varying inclination of the front teeth. Total cost $3500

plympton dental veneers crowns

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers: Combination of porcelain crowns and veneers were placed on the top teeth to lengthen, straighten, and whiten them to provide a very nice aesthetic result. Patient originally was not happy with the colour and the uneven height of the teeth after years of wear and staining. Total cost $6500-7000

Emax Veneers

Porcelain Crowns & Veneers: Combination of porcelain crowns and veneers were placed on 3 top teeth to straighten and whiten them to provide a very nice aesthetic result. Patient originally was not happy with the colour and the slight crowding of the top front teeth. Total cost $3500

whitening  veneers

Whitening + Porcelain Veneers: Combination of ZOOM! in-chair laser whitening and 6 porcelain veneers for the top anterior teeth to correct alignment/shape/colour. This is a great and quick alternative to orthodontic treatment (braces) if the rest of the occlusion is good. Total cost $5500 

Tooth Coloured Fillings

Composite Resin Fillings

composite onlay 1

Adelaide dental filling

2 CR veneers

child trauma

anterior resin crown

Porcelain Fillings

porcelain filling

porcelain filling 2

Crowns & Bridges

Dental Crowns

upper anterior crowns

dental crowns

Dental Bridge

Anterior 6 unit bridge

Dental bridge

PBM bridge 2


Porcelain Veneers 

porcelain veneers

porcelain veneer

Teeth Whitening Results

Professional Laser Teeth Whitening (Philips ZOOM!)

teeth whitening


Root Canal Treatment

Root Canal Treatment

Root canal adelaide

root canal treatment

Dental Implants

Dental Implants Special Offer

Plympton Dental Clinic guarantees the most competitive pricing for dental implants in South Australia. We offer all new and existing patients complete in-house dental implant treatment (both surgical and restorative) from $3600 all inclusive for a simple single tooth implant. Any health insurance rebate will be deducted as usual. Please note this price does not include additional procedures such as bone grafting (if necessary). It is best to consult our dentist to understand what procedures are necessary and for an accurate quote. For more information please vist our implant page

We also offer special rates for multiple implants or full arch procedures and quotes can be given following a consult with our dentist. 

3 implants

implant bridge

3 implant bridge


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