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Same-day Emergencies

We try our best to see all emergencies as soon as possible but sometimes it is just not possible as we respect all those who have pre-arranged appointments and honour those times. Please contact us direct via telephone and if possible we will do our best to arrange same-day appointments, even if it's during our usual lunch break!

Weekend Emergencies

Plympton Dental Clinic is open on Saturdays from 9am - 1pm as part of our normal business hours. Please give as much notice as possible for appointments of Saturdays as they fill up quickly and we will try to accommodate as much as possible!

After-hours Emergency

We offer after-hour emergency appointments until 10pm on most nights at our sister clinic Queen Street Dental (www.queenstdental.com) in 11. Queen Street, Croydon SA 5008. For all after-hours appointments please call our emergency mobile number 0419 142 504. Call-out fees do apply so please see below for details. 


No additional fees apply for all emergencies during normal business hours (including Saturday 9am-1pm). All after-hour appointments will have a call-out fee of $100 plus an after-hour fee of $60. If we are already on-site then the call-out fee may be waived. Please call us on our mobile 0419 142 504 for more information. 

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