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At Plympton Dental Clinic Adelaide we have an experienced and close-knit team dedicated to taking care of your teeth and oral well-being from the moment you step in the door. We specialise in comprehensive treatment including placing and restoring dental implants. All staff are trained here in Adelaide and undergo frequent training to stay up to date in the dental field



Principle Dentist
Dr. Han Deng BDS(Adel), BSc(Hons), MClinDental (Implant Dentistry)

Han was born in Beijing (China) and migrated to Australia at the age of 6. He grew up in Sydney and moved to Adelaide to study Dentistry straight after finishing high school. Since graduating from the University of Adelaide with concurrent honours, Han has been practising all aspects of general dentistry with a focus on prevention rather than cure. He enjoys all aspects of dentistry and believes that treatment should always be conservative and patient-orientated from start to finish. He has developed a special interest in idental implants and has undertaken a 2-year Masters degree at Griffith University in the field of implant dentistry, being the only graduate from South Australia in his class. With his Chinese background, he is able to speak fluent Chinese (Mandarin) and hopes to make dentistry more accessible for the chinese community of Adelaide.


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Associate Dentist
Dr. Angeline Yee BDS(Adel)

Angeline was born in Ipoh, Malaysia and moved to Adelaide to undertake her dentistry training at the University of Adelaide. She joined our team on a part-time basis at Plympton Dental Clinic in 2015 with interests in general and cosmetic dentistry. Her comprehensive and preventative approach fits perfectly with our practice philosphy. Angeline's Malaysian background allows her to fluently speak both Chinese and English.


Associate Dentist
Dr. Hang Ngo BDS(Adel)

Hang was born in Vietnam and moved to Adelaide to study dentistry. She has worked and observed at Plympton Dental Clinic as a dental student and started working part-time with us upon graduation. Hang has special interests in dental surgery including dental and wisdom teeth extractions as well as implant dentistry. She regularly attends continuing educational courses in these fields to further her knowledge and skills. Hang is fluent in both English and Vietnamese. 


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Ms Mirela Horan BOH(Adel)

Mirela has worked in the dental industry both in Australia and overseas for over 20 years. She started her career as a dental assistant in Vienna, Austria. Her strong focus on prevention of oral diseases, health promotion and providing care to disadvantaged community groups saw Mirela undertake Bachelor of Oral Health at Adelaide University. Here she developed exceptional skills to use evidence-based dentistry in treatment of patients of all ages. Mirela has a special interest in providing dental care for children which complimented by the fact that she is a mother brings additional value to our clinic. Her european background and multilingual skills are great additions to our multicultural clinic.


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