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Root Canal Treatment

Root canal treatment, also known as endodontic treatment, involves removal of the nerve(s) and bacteria from the tooth and filling the canals with an inert filling material. It is usually done to save sore/infected teeth from being extracted but can be a lengthy process involving several appointments. Typically 3 stages are involved:

1. Relief of pain - root canal is started to remove infected tissue within the tooth and to relieve the pain. This is the proper way to cure a "toothache". Antibiotics may be given to help the healing process but antibiotics alone will not cure the problem of a toothache permanently.

2. Clean and shape all canals within the tooth - all tissue and bacteria are cleaned and flushed out of each canal within the tooth. Number of canals vary between teeth ranging from 1 to 4+.

3. Filling and sealing the canals and tooth - all canals are filled with inert filling material along with therapeutic cement. The tooth is then filled with dental fillings. A crown is usually recommended some time afterwards.  

At Plympton Dental Clinic, we use modern equipment to ensure all treatment is done quickly and comfortably. Treatment times and cost vary between teeth depending on the number of canals and the severity of the infection. Please note that not all teeth can be saved with root canal treatment and it is usually decided by the dental professional

It should be noted that most root canal treated teeth will eventually need a dental crown to help protect the tooth from breaking and this should be taken into consideration prior to commencing treatment. 


 Example 1: Lower left 1st molar - 3 canals, 2 visits to complete.

root canal adelaide


Example 2: Upper right 2nd molar - 3 canals, 3 visits to complete

root canals plympton

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