New fees for checkups and cleans

We are happy to annouce our offer to all existing and new customers! Maximum gap of $69 for full dental checkup, teeth cleaning, and fluoride treatment for all those with extras cover or $149 for those without health insurance! More details below:

With the latest release of the federal budget, it is clear that accessing dental care for Australians is going to become more difficult with increases in dental fees, higher premiums for health insurance, and decreased funding for public dental services. We at Plympton Dental Clinic have decided to re-structure our fees for dental examinations and teeth cleaning (the most important aspects of preventative dentistry) so it will be more accessible for individuals regardless of age, income, or health insurance status. Having your teeth checked and cleaned regularly (every 6-12 months) is one of the most crucial practices to having a healthy mouth (and thus body)

We are now charging a maximum of $69 out-of-pocket for a dental checkup, teeth cleaning, and fluoride (if necessary) for anyone with extras cover (regardless of health fund). We are also providers for Australian Unity, HCF, and CBHS so eligible members will have $0 gap for checkups and cleaning twice yearly. Usually for members on other health funds, most commonly BUPA or medibank, typical gap payments for checkups and cleaning ever 6 months will range between $80-150 from our experience thus capping it at $69 is a great saving.

Another incentive we are offering is $149 checkups and cleaning for all individuals WITHOUT health insurance. Typically these individuals are left out from promotions or "special offers" offered by dental clinics as there are no rebates available for the dental business. The standard fee for a checkup, teeth clean and fluoride treatment at Plympton Dental + Implants is usually around $210 but now it is reduced to only $149 to take the financial pressure off for those who want to have regular maintenance but avoid coming in due to cost concerns. There are no hidden costs with these offers, no vouchers, coupons, or gimmicks and will be available all year round. The only extra cost that may be incurred is any necessary x-rays. For those who have not had x-rays for over 2 years may require a set of 2 x-rays on their first visit to complete a comprehensive examination and they will incur an extra cost of $25 per x-ray (a total of $199 if 2 x-rays are required on the first checkup and clean visit).

We hope this new fee schedule will help promote oral health and encourage people to have regular maintenance for their teeth as it is a very important part of overall health and quality of life. Please feel free to contact us for any further questions or visit our facebook or twitter page for any updates.