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"A smile that you can use"- Dr. Han Deng MClinDent(Implant Dentistry)
"A smile that you can use"- Dr. Han Deng MClinDent(Implant Dentistry)

Sometimes teeth cannot be saved and are lost due to a variety of reasons and need to be replaced. Amongst other options, dental implants are the most innovative and realistic replacement of teeth. It includes separate components - the screw (like the root of a tooth) and the attached prosthesis e.g crown/bridge or denture. The screw is precisely placed into the jaw bone and allowed to integrate into the bone in a process known as "Osseointegration". Once stable, a prosthesis can be attached to replace single or multiple missing teeth.

There are many advantages of dental implants compared with other traditional prostheses including:

1. Fixed in the mouth and does not move or rattle unlike traditional full or partial dentures

2. Maintains bone volume in areas where teeth use to be. No other prosthesis can achieve this

3. Very strong and can withstand even more pressure than natural teeth. Very good for function i.e. chewing

4. Very aesthetically pleasing with no wires or plastic

5. Versatile - can replace a single tooth or even the whole arch!

At Plympton Dental + Implant we offer complete treatment planning including removal of teeth prior to implant placement, arrangement of appropriate x-rays/CT scans, the surgical placement of implant screws, temporary dentures/crowns, and fabricating the final implant crown. We also emphasize on long term maintenance and hygiene whereby implants will be reviewed and cleaned.

We specialise in the Neoss brand ( of dental implants with competitive prices starting from $3900 for the complete process (implant fixture placement + implant crown fabrication). Exact cost will vary depending on the difficulty of the procedure so best to discuss this with our dental professionals in person to avoid any hidden surprises. We provide complete written quotes including any potential additional costs e.g. x-rays, interim fillings/dentures etc.. What are you waiting for? Call us today for an implant consult! Alternatively visit our affiliated implant-specific website and discover more implant-related information and even receive an email response from Dr. Deng himself!

1. Presentation of broken tooth with a history of root canal treatment and large fillings - poor outlook for the tooth. Either try to salvage (less predictable outcome) or extract and replace (most predictable option). Extraction and implant was the selected treatment option for this scenario

Example of a Complete Implant Scenario

2. Tooth was extracted under local anaesthetic and healing took place over the next 3 months. Neoss straight implant placement under local anaesthetic in che chair occured after 3 months (12 weeks approximately). According to the patient, it procedure was "a lot better than having the tooth out" and virtually painless healing after the first day.

3. Implant was left alone for a further 3 months to allow bone healing around the implant (osseointegration). Once the implant stabilised within the jaw bone, a crown can be made to fit onto the implant. Once the crown is on, the now completed dental implant + implant crown can be used just like a real tooth. It will be reviewed and cleaned on a regular basis (also just like a real tooth).

Example 2: Chucking Out the Old Partial Denture

A case of missing upper lateral incisors for many years. Patient had an existing upper partial denture for many years but decided that it was time to get rid of it as the movement of the plate along with the ugly clips was no long satisfactory. The patient had always wanted to chew without getting food caught underneath the denture and having it take it out to clean all the time.

Simple solution, 2 implants were placed - one for each missing tooth. A cone-beam CT scan was taken before the procedure, implants were chosen and surgically placed under local anaesthesia. Time taken for both implants to be placed was approximately 60-75 minutes.


During healing the patient was given a temporary denture. After 3 months of uneventful healing, porcelain bonded to metal crowns were placed on top of the implants. The partial denture was never seen again....

Example 3: Broken Front Tooth

A very common scenario whereby upper lateral incisor had been extracted as tooth broke after having root canal treatment and post-core crown many years ago. When teeth like this break and all other options have been exhausted, extraction and replacement with an implant is the ideal solution. A common issue is the shrinkage of bone and gum around the broken tooth, especially if the site is left for long periods of time (>6 months) without any replacements. Overall the end result seen here is satisfactory and the implant crown matches well in colour and shape but there is a lack of pink gingival tissue between the front teeth which cannot be easily replaced.

Plympton_Dental_Implants_10 (1)

Immediate Dental Implants

When circumstances permit, broken or painful teeth can be removed and replaced with dental implant(s) straight away bypassing the need to wait up to 3 months for bone healing after teeth extraction. It also reduces the need for a second surgical procedure thereby reducing discomfort associated with post-surgery healing of gum and bone. Under ideal conditions, immediate implants can be loaded with a temporary dental crown for aesthetics which is especially important when dealing with broken front teeth. Below is an example of a tooth extraction and placement of an immediate implant with a temporary plastic crown attached for an upper lateral incisor.

FAQs about Dental Implants