Dental Services


Dentures are removable plastic teeth that can replace a few (partial) or all teeth (full) within the jaw. They are designed to conform to your mouth for a comfortable, functional and aesthetic fit, and appear as realistic as possible. Plympton Dental can provide both metallic and plastic/acrylic framed dentures for you to choose from.

Dentures are a cost effective way of replacing multiple teeth, but there are advantages and disadvantages for your consideration.


  • Cost effective
  • Can replace many teeth at once if necessary
  • Durable and removable for cleaning purposes
  • Can be aesthetically pleasing (especially full dentures)


  • Not a fixed prosthesis, so retention can be an issue
  • Food trapping around the dentures – will need regular cleaning to prevent food remaining trapped
  • Can have hooks/clasps which can be visually unappealing
  • Require healthy surrounding teeth and tissue as support

Plympton Dental Clinic can also offer fast denture repairs, additions, re-lines, re-models, and adjustments. Please consult our dental professionals for more information on what options would suit you.