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Tooth Extractions

Although Plympton Dental will do their very best to assist you with the health of your teeth, unfortunately there are times when teeth may need to be removed for various reasons such as infections, large cracks/fractures, orthodontic purposes, wisdom teeth pain, or other reasons beyond your control.

Despite our best efforts to save and preserve teeth, sometimes tooth extraction is the only remaining option, as this will prevent further complications including pain and further costly treatment.

In most cases, various replacement options are available after the tooth/teeth have been removed.

Tooth Extraction

Tooth extractions range from simple removal of a single tooth, to the more complicated removal of teeth, gum, and bone.

Plympton Dental can extract teeth in most cases, including wisdom teeth, but a consult with the dentist is always essential to discuss your best options.

Tooth extractions are usually done under local anaesthesia but intravenous sedation (IV) or general anaesthesia (GA) can also be arranged.

Referrals to oral surgeons are also available for difficult cases.

tooth extraction

Example 2: Heavily decayed lower left wisdom tooth. Very poor prognosis. Removed under local anaesthesia

wisdom tooth extraction


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